Our team of professionals creates awareness and facilitates change through training and workshops about Neurodiversity.

Training is aimed at:

  •   Parents and families
  •   Educators
  •   Businesses

Contact us for more information about our training. Workshops can also be tailor made for your needs.

  • Realistic expectations for your neurodiverse child
  • Understanding disability and neurodiversity
  • Punishment vs discipline
  • The language of independence
  • Your neurodiverse teen’s social life
  • Planning for the future when your child is neurodiverse
  • Coping skills for parents – stress, burnout, taking care of yourself and raising independent children
  • Parenting Tools – why children misbehave, know your child, building a relationship with your child, building self-esteem, reflective listening, problem-solving and alternative ways of disciplining
  • Considerations for siblings of neurodiverse children
  • The power of play
  • Understanding Autism
  • Understanding Dyslexia
  • Understanding ADHD
  • Understanding Cerebral Palsy
  • Managing Maths anxiety
  • Understanding professional assessments