Focus is on narrowing or closing academic gaps to the extent that a learner can be reintroduced to mainstream schooling or progress to a supportive high school.


Focus is on individualized programs that include functional academics, life skills and work skills, assisting learners to be more independent and employable.


Our team of professionals creates awareness and facilitates change through training and workshops about Neurodiversity.


And your child will benefit from the small class settings, individual and group therapies and the unwritten curriculum of care and concern which will unleash their potential.


Glenoaks is a private remedial and special needs school in Johannesburg that unleashes potential!  We nurture academic, functional, social and emotional growth for learners and personalize support according to the needs and strengths of each learner. We create a nurturing and inclusive environment for our learners which is supported by our dedicated, passionate and professional team. We achieve this through innovative adaptation, accommodation, differentiation and individualization for each learner.  



A remedial program is for learners with average or higher intellectual abilities but who are not performing well in school. The focus is on narrowing or closing academic gaps to the extent that a learner can be re-introduced to mainstream schooling.

Special education differs from remedial education in that learners lack the intellectual ability, social and emotional maturity, physical ability or the analytical skills that are needed to perform in a remedial or mainstream classroom environment. The focus of special needs programs is to assist learners to be functional, independent and employable adults. 


The school’s journey began over fifty years ago in 1969 with Dr Lorna Swartz.  She started a small school in Melrose for her daughter, who was regarded as ‘learning disabled’. As word spread, other parents brought their children to Dr Schwartz, and Glenoaks School was born. Glenoaks School was one of the few schools who included learners of differing racial groups. In 1976 the school moved to Orange Grove. In 1981 Glenoaks expanded and moved to our current premises in Kensington. Dr Swartz’s vision has lived on through the leadership of Ms Peacock, Ms Patt, Mr Barnes and currently Mrs Caldeira. 

Many who visit the school remark on our homely, friendly and nurturing atmosphere, while still offering the structure of a school environment. The small class settings, individual and group therapies and the unwritten curriculum of care and concern help us to grow our learners socially, emotionally and academically. We strive to ensure that our learners are intrinsically motivated and happily engaged in their own learning. We also strive to develop a sensitivity to and an understanding of academic, cultural and religious differences. 


Glenoaks has a multi-disciplinary team consisting of psychologists, occupational, speech & language, remedial and learning support therapists, as well as facilitators, classroom assistants and job coaches. These supportive services which are included in the school fees help our learners to identify their strengths and work on their areas of difficulty.  


Placement decisions are based on various formal and informal assessment processes and are made by a collaborative team. We assess learners holistically and don’t only rely on IQ as a deciding factor. Similar processes follow when it comes to mainstreaming learners, transitioning to high school, referring to our special needs stream or deciding on future prospects beyond primary schooling.   


Glenoaks has turned my daughter’s life around. She did not like mixing with anyone but now she loves being with people and she is a lot more independent. Thank you Glenoaks for all the love and care you put into our children
Linda Hesselberg
Glenoaks has provided my son with a safe learning space to allow him to develop at a pace that meets him where he is in his academic journey. More importantly it has given him and us a sense of belonging with a peer group that is his tribe. Glenoaks is the most special of the special needs schools, we are very happy here
Joy Haslam
The news of our son's special education needs left us shocked and clueless. After considering various schools, we confidently chose Glenoaks, and our decision never faltered. The exceptional staff's compassion and support, not only for our child but also for parents in support groups and the community, made an immense impact. Our son's growth was evident from day one—academically, socially, and most importantly, in his self-esteem. The challenges that plagued his previous school diminished as his confidence flourished. When the psychologist highlighted his interpersonal skills, suggesting a career as a therapist, it epitomized Glenoaks' commitment to nurturing children to unleash their true potential, irrespective of their challenges
Aki Kalliatakis
A special word of thanks to the incredible staff at Glenoaks who are loving and very much in touch with the children’s needs. Thank you for helping our children to be the best that they can
Rochelle Anderson
I’m so happy with Glenoaks and the progress my son has made. I love the school!
Caesar Kapawa
Glenoaks is a G-D send. Thanks so much for all the hard work and dedication from the principal to the lovely staff. Always willing to help me no matter what
Cherisse Evans


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