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Glenoaks remedial program is for learners who have average or higher intellectual abilities but who are not performing well in school. At Glenoaks, learners in the remedial stream sometimes have intellectual test scores below average, but we find that they have the capability to cope in an academic program. Thus our admissions process looks holistically at overall ability and not simply a test score.

Typically, remedial students are not struggling because of their intellectual abilities but instead with one subject area like reading, writing or mathematics. Learners may experience various barriers to learning, or learning challenges, including dyslexia, dyspraxia, visual difficulties, ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, language delays etc.

Our remedial programs focus on narrowing or closing academic gaps, to the extent that the learner can be re-introduced to a mainstream schooling system. Our remedial stream follows the Grade 1 – 7 CAPS curriculum with accommodations, differentiation and adaptations depending on learners’ needs.

The majority of the learners in our remedial stream enter mainstream schools and successfully achieve good grade 12 results. Many have continued to further their studies at universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions.

A unique benefit of our offering is the therapeutic support provided which is included in the school fees. Our multi-disciplinary therapy team comprises of psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and remedial therapists. A private physiotherapist is also available at an additional cost. The therapy team work together with class teachers to set learner goals and evaluate progress. Educational Psychologists are available to conduct Psycho-Educational Assessments if required.



Our psychologists primarily focus on the emotional well-being of our learners either in individual or group sessions. We follow an eclectic therapy approach which is determined by the learner’s individual needs, cognitive functioning and the issues being addressed. Parent counselling is provided to assist parents in supporting their children to reach their full potential.


Remedial Therapy

Remedial therapy focuses on helping learners overcome or cope with their academic difficulties. An integrated approach is used, comprising of a variety of phonics-based, multi-sensory programmes, including Letterland, Phono-Graphix and Thrass. Remedial therapy includes reading, comprehension, spelling and written expression. Numeracy intervention is also offered. We work with individual learners, small groups and assist learners in the classrooms.


Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapists use an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to assess and treat learners in the areas of gross motor, fine motor, and visual perceptual development, as well as sensory processing. Therapy takes place in individual, paired and group sessions, as determined by each child’s specific needs.


Speech, Language Therapy and Audiology

The focus of this therapy is on the assessment and treatment of social and cognitive-communication difficulties. Attention is given to the learner’s speech, auditory processing as well as their receptive and expressive language skills, to support interpersonal communication and curricular goals. Therapy is offered on an individual and/or group basis.

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